Jeffrey Allen, JD is a veteran personal injury attorney with more than two decades defending his clients. He’s a member of the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys and American Bar Association. His personal injury expertise ranges from bodily injury cases, intentional infliction of pain or emotional distress and negligence. He has appeared in both federal and state courts.

Jeff Allen makes drunk drivers pay your medical bills and your car repair bills, and in some cases, can sue colluding parties who contributed to the drunk driving accident like parents who provided those under-age with alcohol. Personal injury claims related to car accidents are among the most common personal injury suits. You do not have to be the driver of the vehicle to file a personal injury suit. Mr. Allen’s law firm takes cases where you were a passenger injured in the accident, and he aids bike riders who were hit by a driver. Jeffrey Allen is a veteran personal injury lawyer who takes almost any case, though cases of suspected mesothelioma may be referred to an expert and birth injury cases will require consultation with medical experts at a minimum.

Mr. Allen takes all types of personal injury cases such as nursing home neglect and abuse, false imprisonment due to someone’s false allegations against you, damages due to trespass and assault and emotional distress after a harassment campaign.

Jeffrey Allen ensures that the doctor pays for the medical bills caused by their negligence or mistakes. Jeff Allen takes cases involving contact dermatitis, repetitive stress injuries and other work related injuries – whether or not you’ve filed for Worker’s Compensation. Mr. Allen’s law firm will get you both reimbursement for your medical bills as well as lost wages and, often, pain and suffering.

Jeffrey Allen can help you settle disputes through mediation and arbitration, what are called informal settlements of personal injury suits, as well as file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Jeff Allen is happy to perform a free evaluation of your personal injury case to determine what route you should take and what the likely outcome would be.

For Birth and Child related injuries, we recommend you contact highly qualified Child Injury Specialist Lawyers who can win high payouts for child injury lawsuits.

Jeffrey Allen’s clients include those who are defending themselves from personal injury lawsuits. Did someone trespass on your property and get injured, whether bit by a dog or hurt playing with your possessions without permission? Is someone suing you because they slipped on your premises? Are you accused of failing to maintain the property you are renting out, sued by someone injured on the premises? Personal injury lawyer Jeffrey Allen will defend you from those suing you for their personal injuries.